Bast Guard

Jaffa of Bastet


The Bast Guards were the Jaffa warriors loyal to the System Lord Bastet. Having no male Jaffa in her service, Bastet’s Bast Guards were entirely female; the sons and husbands of her warriors were, however, allowed to live as servants, couriers, or messengers.

Every Bast Guard, as befitting the Jaffa of other Goa’uld, were trained in several forms of hand-to-hand combat including anything from unarmed martial arts to the use of a staff weapon as a melee weapon. Additionally, unlike most other Jaffa, the Bast Guards were given hand claws which were the favoured weapon of the Jackal Guards giving them an extra advantage in combat. Although these weapons would be enough to inspire fear in most cultures, the Bast Guards helmets were also designed to resemble the head of a Sekhmet; a terrifying sight for any who had been unfortunate enough to witness the Sekhmet in combat.

Despite their obvious fear-inspiring appearance, the Bast Guards were trained to embrace the same compassion that Bastet showed towards women and children meaning that, although they were warriors just as capable as those of the other System Lords, they were also agents of benevolence acting on Bastet’s behalf.

When in combat, it would often be hard to distinguish the Bast Guard from their attacks, as they would often appear to simply be a flurry of claws, kicks, and staff weapon strikes which were accompanied by an almost otherwordly howl. This scream would, more than likely, send chills down the spines of the Bast Guard’s enemies, even battle-hardened warriors, and many Jaffa were known to have been frozen in dread upon hearing the cry at the outset of an engagement.


Bast Guard

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